Upgraded ITC Catterick Recruit Pack
Upgraded ITC Catterick Recruit Pack
Upgraded ITC Catterick Recruit Pack

Upgraded ITC Catterick Recruit Pack


The Upgraded ITC Catterick Recruit Pack is packed full of items that will make Phase 1 training at ITC Catterick easier, with a awesome upgrade.

  • G-SHOCK Casio Watch

Stop wasting hours searching online or walking around a city center, we've got everything you need right here.

All the gear in this Recruit Pack is either:

  • Included on the MOD joining instructions and must be taken on your first day of Phase 1 or
  • Highly recommended by recruits that have already been through Phase 1

That's right, you get to benefit from the experience of over 2000 recruits that we have supplied since 2013.

Buy today and you'll have most of your kit list items squared away, which means more time for you to spend with your family and friends before heading off to Phase 1.

Getting ready for initial training has never been easier.


  • Detailed on Joining Instructions:
    • Sewing Kit
    • Alarm Clock
  • Recommend by soldiers:
    • Head torch with red light
    • Spare batteries for torch
    • 2 x pairs of socks
    • CamTech cam cream
    • 2 x Selvyt polishing cloths
    • 1 x 100ml black Kiwi polish
    • 2 x 50ml dark tan polish
    • 2 pairs of boot brushes
    • 1m black elastic
    • 10 x tent pegs
    • 6 x bungees
    • 2 pairs trouser twists
    • 90 ltr waterproof rucksack liner
    • 2 x waterproof side pocket liners
  • Upgrades
    • G-SHOCK Watch

Save yourself time and effort buy our ITC Catterick Recruit Pack today!