Soldiers Pocket Book
Soldiers Pocket Book

Soldiers Pocket Book


The Soldiers Pocket Book by retired Major John H. Harris and Rupert Godesen.

This book covers the basics of kit, weapons, webbing packing, bergan packing, first aid, military law, duties and much, much more. The Soldiers Pocket Book is arranged into 18 clear and logical chapters with information well laid out in digestible sections.

The Soldiers Pocket Book would benefit new recruits and reservists massively, it is also suited to serving military personnel wishing to recap on fading skills & knowledge.

The Soldiers Pocket Book was first published in 1989 as the 'Volunteers Pocket Book', this version brings all the skills, techniques and equipment bang up to date with over 25 years of improvements and revisions.

Major John H. Harris and his team have published several sister publications, including the 'Army Cadets Pocket Book' and 'A Snipers Pocket Book'. In doing so they have carved themselves a defined space in the specialists  publishing world ensuring high quality books for demanding audiences.

You are buying the latest issue book, copyright 2016.