Selvyt Polishing Cloth

Selvyt Polishing Cloth


Selvyt Polishing Cloth is 'the' cloth to polish shoes and boots and has been the go to brand for all three branches of the British military for decades.

No boot polishing kit is complete without one.

They kick those cheap yellow polish cloths you can get into touch every time!

Why? Well cheaper clothes start to ball up, or 'pill'. That pilling causes scratches on the surface of your shoes and boots, which could mean you fail inspection and none of us want that!

Selvyts don't pill, there si no pull off from the edge, so no chance these cloths will leave a scratched finish.

They're washable and reusable, so they'll last too.

Selvyt Polishing Cloth

  • No pilling
  • No pull off
  • Heavy weight PR cloth
  • 310mm x 330mm
  • Made by Selvyt
  • Manufactured in UK