Where will I do Army Selection?

If you're joining the Regular or Territorial British Army you will be invited to one of four Army Development and Selection Centres (ADSCs); Pirbright in Surrey, Lichfield in Staffordshire, Glencourse in Scotland and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Your chosen role in the army will not affect which center you go to.

Is it the same for reservists?

As of December 22nd 2016, ATR Grantham is the key location for the training of reservists. However, it was announced in November of the same year that ATR Grantham will be closing down in 2020 to make way for new housing. It's expected that any recruits interested in joining the reserves after the closure of ATR Grantham will go to one of the other four centres for training.

What about for Officers?

For nearly 70 years, Officer candidates have been attending Leighton House, in Westbury for selection.

Officer selection is slightly different, it lasts 3 and a half days, and candidates must attend a two-day selection brief beforehand.

There is no separate selection for Officer reservists, both regular and reserve candidates attend selection in Westbury.

How do I get there?

If you are travelling via train to any of the ADSC apart from in Northern Ireland, the army will book your train tickets and pay for them. (If you are going to Belfast you will have to make your own arrangements, however you can claim back the costs). When you arrive at your chosen ADSC, you will need to produce three separate forms of identification (four if you are from overseas).

What happens at army selection?

Regardless of which ADSC you go to, you will be assessed on three main aspects; the overall level of your fitness, your memory skills and your ability to work in a team.


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