How did Recruit Packs start?

Recruit Packs was founded in September 2013, but work began 18 months earlier...

We also run Denbigh Army Surplus Ltd, which was started by Mick and Jan Brady in 1988.

As an army surplus we used to get a few recruits coming in looking for polish, trouser twists and bungees, but we'd never looked at the kit list as a whole.

It wasn't until a British Army recruiter, working at the local AFCO, called in and asked us if we could put packs together that would take the hassle out of buying items for Phase 1.


I spent the next 15 months researching and developing our very first "Army Recruit Pack", which was too expensive and full of high end items that weren't required.

It retailed at around 250 quid and was a one size fits all for anyone joining the British Army.

Liverpool AFCO

I visited more careers offices, spoke to more recruiters and sent a pack to ATR Winchester for review.

The concept was well received, but the contents needed addressing.


We knew there was a demand, we'd sold 37 packs in that 15 months of R&D, but we were worried selling them through Denbigh Army Surplus Ltd would make people think they were getting used surplus kit.

Working closely with Buriningred, we re-branded and launched a brand new website, just for recruits.

Flying Start

That first year was incredible.

We supplied nearly 3% of the British Army's annual intake just 7 months, were finalists in a National small business competition and I was awarded Businessman of the Year 2014.

The following year we I met Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and invited to London by George Osborne.

Tom Watson Deputy Leader of Labour

George Osborne

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